SCT Books

SCT Books began in 2018 as an offshoot from Smart Cycle Training with the book about Dodgers of Norwich. We now publish and distribute books on a range of local subjects.

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The Masterful Mr Collins (Front Cover)

The Masterful Mr Collins

Celebrating the man who dragged Norwich into the twentieth century. £7.50.

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Subterranean Norwich (Front Cover)

Subterranean Norwich

The essential guide to underground Norwich. £18.

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Norwich Submerged (Front Cover)

Norwich Submerged

The great floods of 1912 and earlier, and why they happened. £10.50.

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Norwich's Netherflow (Front Cover)

Norwich’s Netherflow

150 years of remarkable underground engineering to provide the city with its drinking water and sewerage system. £10.

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Norwich Over the Water, Revised Edition (Front Cover)

Norwich Over the Water

Archive photographs of Norwich's northern city centre – 2023 revised edition £10.

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Dodger's of Norwich (Front Cover)

Dodger’s of Norwich

Story of a much-loved family cycling business. £10.

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