The story of Dodger's of Norwich

The story of Dodger's of Norwich (Front Cover)
The story of Dodger's of Norwich

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This is the story of a much-loved family cycling business.

George Henry Kerrison was already known as ‘Dodger’ when he started dealing in bicycles in the 1890s. He was a grafter but showed generosity in a tough neighbourhood.

Could he ever have imagined his son would still be running the bike shop into the 1990s, or that a later generation would set down the history of the family dynasty he founded? It is a fascinating tale – not only of the 20th century’s impact on one locality, but of the development of the bike and its role in the social history of Norwich, a cycling city.

We read how the business stood up to attacks, first by the Luftwaffe, then by the council, and how the Kerrisons found national fame through their pedal-powered antics. The people took Dodger’s to their hearts because of the colour they brought to the greyness of the post-war years, and their story is here.