Norwich Submerged

The meandering river and the Great Flood

Size 210 x 148mm, 124 pages, 99 illustrations. Price £10.50 plus £2.50 p&p. (UK only).

The River Wensum is the reason the city of Norwich is located where it is. It was the city’s lifeblood for centuries, but every few decades the river has risen unpredictably and caused misery to the lower-lying areas. The highest level of the Great Flood of 1912 is recorded by a series of flood plates, and with contemporary photographs these can tell us much about what happened and why.

Archives from a century ago also tell a story of determined civic efforts to prevent further flooding, shaping the way the banks and bridges look today.

What can we learn from the past, and what is the prospect of another Great Flood for the twenty-first century?