Subterranean Norwich

The grain of the city

Size 234 x 156mm, 176 pages, 177 illustrations. Price £18 plus £2.50 p&p (UK only).

This book is the essential guide to underground Norwich. It is about a city’s past, present and future, viewed from ground level downwards.

The subterranean conditions profoundly influence the shape and texture of Norwich today, thanks to its geology and landscape that have been remoulded by more than a thousand years of human activity. Seeing things this way helps us to an even greater appreciation of one of Britain’s finest cities, and offers us clues to a sustainable future.

Matthew Williams takes a jargon-free approach in this detailed account of the city in all four dimensions. He ranges beyond geology, archaeology and drainage to urban planning and ‘psychogeography’, but keeps our feet firmly on the ground. Among other aspects of city living, he considers whether Norwich really is riddled with tunnels, and justifies the book’s provocative claim that geology drives everything.

Subterranean Norwich: The grain of the city is profusely illustrated with diagrams and photographs that will appeal to anyone familiar with Norwich as a place, and to any person wanting to read the fascinating story of a historic city formed out of the ground.